Movie in Production on Charles Manson Girls

Notorious madman Charles Manson has been a topic of conversation for decades, but now a movie is being made from the point of view of the women who followed Manson. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's an exclusive first look at the actresses playing the real-life Manson girls.

The women are all starring in a movie called Manson Girls, about the groupies who fell under the spell of psycho-killer Charles Manson.

"This is really a story from the girls' perspective," said actress Estella Warren.

Manson, forever notorious as the madman behind the killings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six other people forty-two years ago in 1969, had a hypnotic power over the women in his cult.

Three of them stood trial with him for murder. They're names that will live in infamy. Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, and Susan Atkins who sneered at Sharon Tate's desperate pleas for mercy.

"People are fascinated by Manson, but they don't know a lot about the girls," said actress Heather Matarazzo

Squeaky Fromme, the Manson disciple who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford, was recently released from prison.

The movie's director and screenwriter, Susanna Lo, insists she is not glamorizing the Manson women, saying, "There's nothing glamorous about this. It's an American tragedy across the board."

Vincent Bugliosi, who prosecuted the Manson clan at their 1970 trial and wrote the definitive book Helter Skelter about the case, recalls the viciousness of the killers, saying, "These people were extremely cold-blooded, and that's why people are still talking about it."

So what happened to those three killers, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Van Houten?

Atkins, who appeared at a parole hearing in 2009 when she was gravely ill with cancer, died in prison later that year.

Krenwinkel was turned down for parole just last month at age 63.

Van Houten is now 61-years-old and also still behind bars. She was recently denied parole for the nineteenth time.

Now, this new movie revives interest in one of the most infamous crimes in American history.