Baby With Down Syndrome to Model for Ad Campaign Despite Once Being Excluded From Casting

"I'm proud his face is out there. People are going to see him, and they're going to realize [people with disabilities] are not so different," his mom said.

This 15-month-old with Down syndrome is about to become the face of children's fashion, thanks to the determination of his mother, who wants nothing more than for her son to feel normal.

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Asher Nash, whose mom was once disappointed he didn't receive any callbacks because of his disability, is now due to appear in multiple advertisement campaigns at OshKosh B'gosh, and other children's apparel stores.

"I'm proud that his face is out there," his mom, Meagan Nash, told "This is going to make such a change. People are going to see him, and they're going to realize [people with disabilities] are not so different."

Asher and his mom made headlines earlier this month when she said they discovered his pictures were not being sent to companies seeking talent, despite having submitted photos to a talent agency looking for new faces for OshKosh B'gosh.

"We started submitting when he was about five months [old]," Nash said.

She said the campaign's criteria asked for a baby who could sit up, but couldn't walk. They also had a size and height requirement, which Asher met.

Despite not expecting a call back from each agency, Nash said she started wondering whether companies are receiving their emails, and decided to reach out to the talent agency.

"She said, 'I did get his email, but I did not submit for that one. The criteria did not specify they were looking for a baby with special needs,'" Nash recalled.

Still, she was confused: "Did they specify they were not looking for a baby with special needs?"

She said the casting agency quickly apologized, and promised to start submitting Asher's photos to future campaigns, but Nash reached out to prolific groups on social media that advocate for Down syndrome awareness.

With their support, she eventually reached out to OshKosh B'gosh directly on social media, a move that garnered the attention of hundreds of thousands on Facebook.

The children's clothing company eventually reached out to Nash personally, and requested a meeting.

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"Truthfully, my hopes were to go into that meeting for them to say, 'We're going to change,'" Nash said. "I couldn't imagine they would offer him to come in [and shoot with us.]"

Nash said she's known Asher has loved the attention ever since he was a baby, when he would sit up, and become excited whenever he saw a camera. 

Now, little Asher is set to become the face of major childrens' brands, including Babies "R" Us.

Some photos of Asher were taken by Crystal Barbee Photography.

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