Obamas Celebrate Their Final White House Halloween While Dancing to 'Thriller'

One boy even dressed up as Obama complete, with grey hair.

The Obamas hosted 4,000 trick-or-treaters and their families Monday night to celebrate their final Halloween in the White House and danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

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The Obamas didn't dress up for the event held on the South Lawn, but they did try to recreate the infamous “Thriller” dance.

The president cracked jokes before the dance, telling the children that they don’t have to abide by his wife’s healthy eating initiative for Halloween.

“We hope, parents, that on this day at least, you don't have to pay attention to Michelle and healthy eating,” he said. “In fact, the more candy, the later you eat the candy, the better. Because I think that you being up all night with a sugar rush is exactly what your parents are looking for."

In the crowd, some of the children, who came from 14 local schools, had dressed up as superheroes, zombies, one was even Prince. However, one little boy dressed up as Barack Obama.

While handing out candy to the children, the president spotted the costumed version of himself.

The boy, who had silver hair, clearly trolled the president’s grey that has emerged during his eight years in office.

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The president took it in stride and joked around with the boy.

President Obama and first lady Michelle handed out various candies like Hershey's Kisses, Halloween cookies, M&Ms and Kettle Corn.

On Halloween, Lena Dunham got political with her costume. She referenced Trump's hot mic moment where he told Access Hollywood's Bill Bush he took women and "grabbed them by their p***y." 

Dunham took to Instagram to show off the outfit with the caption: "Happy Halloween! With love from a Grabbed P***y."

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