College Professor Holds Student's Newborn During Class: 'She Said She Loves Babies'

Mom still brings baby Isaiah to class all the time.

One college professor made a pregnant student’s life much easier when she told her she could bring her newborn to class, and even held the child while teaching the class.

Sarah Thompson, 26, was nine months pregnant when her math teacher at Ladner University, Dr. Josie Ryan, made the offer.

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“She was like I am sure you won’t be in class because you have to give birth but then she said I could bring him,” Thompson told “She said she loves babies.”

And when baby Isaiah was born, she decided to take Ryan up on that offer, even after some hesitation that the three-week-old would cry during the course.

“Chris (Isaiah’s dad) was like, 'go ahead take him with you.' I wasn’t sure if Dr. Ryan really meant it. Then when I did it worked out really well,” said Thompson. "She held him in her arms that her whole class. He slept the whole time."

Thompson snapped a picture of the precious moment and the photo went viral.

Thompson, who’s a senior, also takes two online classes as the University of South Carolina while Chris gets his GED and works, so having the option to have Isaiah stay with her during class is a great help.

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She still brings baby Isaiah to the class at least once a week and says everyone loves the now-2-month-old.

“He’ll stare at other people or sleep. They love him.  People just smile during class.”

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