The Date Escape: Woman Meets Suitors Online, Shows Up to Meet Them in Bridal Gown

While many men pretended not to recognize her, and others left while she wasn't watching, one of her dates asked if she wanted to see a film anyway.

Talk about a nightmare first date.

These men were getting ready to meet up with a London woman for the first time, but it rapidly became clear she had lofty expectations when she showed up in a full bridal gown, white veil, and even a bouquet.

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YouTube vlogger Laura Bubble told she was taking a "Rebellion"-themed fundraising challenge from Stand Up 2 Cancer when she decided to put together a video that was sure to go against societal norms.

"Some prank videos can be a bit nasty, so I wanted to make a nice cheerful one that anyone can enjoy," she said.

Laura found several eligible bachelors on dating apps, purchased a wedding dress on eBay, attached a hidden microphone to the back of her gown, and took to the streets.

As expected, most of the guys she met were not impressed.

"What the f***?" one man responded as she introduced herself by a train station.

"No, I'm not Max," said another man, who was clearly there to meet Laura.

One of her dates even hung up the phone, and walked the other way as she waved to him.

But, for the handful of guys who were curious — or nervous — enough to have stayed, she had another trick up her sleeve.

Happiest day of my life ??

— Laurbubble (@Laurbubble) October 9, 2016

"I should add you on Facebook so we can make it official," she said to one of her dates.

He responded nervously: "Make it official, like what?"

As she went to the bathroom, one promising suitor promptly got on the phone, relayed the story to one of his friends, and left, leaving behind his date and his beer.

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Eventually, Laura let the remaining men in on the joke, and while the last of her dates took it in good humor, one suitor seemed to still be interested in taking her to a movie.

"You want to do this then?" He asks as they head toward a movie theater. "I'll treat you to this."

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