16-Year-Old Boy Runs Back Into Burning Home to Save Little Sister: 'I Held Her Really Tight'

Brandon Hutchins noticed her TV was still on in the window and ran to her rescue.

A New Hampshire 16-year-old rescued his toddler sister from their burning home after realizing she was still in the house.

Brandon Hutchins woke up from a nap to the sound of a smoke alarm and the sight of flames at his window on the evening of October 26, he said.

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“I immediately rushed out of my room and to my mom saying ‘the house is on fire’ and she saw the smoke behind me and rushed out with my little brother and sister,” Brandon told InsideEdition.com.

But that’s when Brandon noticed that his 3-year-old sister Melodi’s TV was on in the window upstairs and realized she wasn’t outside.

“I rushed back into the smoking and very hot house, and grabbed her from her room. She was watching Dora the explorer and was in bed,” Brandon said. “She was not happy to see me. I was really worried that she would fight her way out of my hands but I held her really tight.”

Brandon’s quick action more than likely saved his sister’s life.

“The flames were just coming to her room and I heard a crack from a window. I rushed down the stairs without seeing anything but smoke, guessing where to go, and coughing and inhaling a lot of smoke,” he said. “I didn't have my glasses too so my vision was even worse.”

He thankfully got Melodi out to safety.

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“My mom was really proud of me,” Brandon said.

The family is staying at hotel now that their house has been rendered unlivable.

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