Texas Official Apologizes After He Calls Clinton an Obscenity in Tweet

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller sent out a tweet that called the Democratic nominee the C-word.

A Texas official came under fire Tuesday after a tweet sent out by his official account referred to Hillary Clinton as the C-word.

State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a Donald Trump supporter, was hailing a one-point lead given to his preferred candidate in a Pennsylvania poll with a tweet that listed Trump above Democratic rival, "C***," followed by the words: "Go Trump Go!"

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About 10 minutes later, the tweet was deleted.

At first, Miller blamed hackers. 

"@MillerForTexas has been HACKED. The disgusting re-tweet has been removed and we have changed all account passwords. Be advised," the initial response read.

However, Miller soon changed his tune.

"We weren't hacked," he told MySanAntonio Wednesday.

Instead, Miller said the re-tweet was the mistake of a staffer. "You can tell by reading it it's not something I sent out. I hadn't read it," he said.

Miller, a former champion rodeo calf roper, has been in hot water before for social media posts.

An August 2015 post from his campaign Facebook page appeared to endorse a nuclear bombing of “the Muslim world.” That November, a Facebook post from Miller compared Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes.

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In a statement, Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the language "reprehensible" and "an embarrassment."

"No true Texas gentleman would ever talk this way," the governor wrote.

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