Man Steals Cop Car and Records Joyride on Facebook Live as Police Chase Him

He drove throughout the whole city, according to police.

An Oklahoma man has been arrested after he went joyriding around town in a stolen cop car and recorded the whole thing on Facebook Live.

John Pinney, 25, allegedly hopped in the car of an officer who left her keys in the unlocked cruiser while on a coffee break on Halloween night, police said.

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“He was driving throughout the city,” Tulsa officer Ashley Leland told

A woman reportedly called police when she saw a man get into the cop car. She told police he asked if she wanted a ride and when she said no, he drove off.  

During the more than 30-minute chase with multiple police departments pursuing him, Pinney recorded four separate Facebook Live videos, giving rambling speeches about music and his life.

“I’m a motha****** retard is what I am. I got cops behind me and ****.  I ain't got nothing else to do but ******** read books,” said Pinney in the video. “I got away from like five cops already.”

Pinney increased his speed to 120 mph at times during the pursuit, police said.

“It is what it is man. I can’t help it. I’m just gonna do what I gotta do. I’m trying to figure out how to work all this lights and stuff,” Pinney continues in the video.

At one point  gets out of the car, with lights flashing, to show his Facebook friends the police cruiser

Sheridan Hailey, Pinney’s sister, told that this is the third time her brother has stolen a car since he got out of prison two months ago.

Police also said at the time of his arrest after the chase, Pinney had a warrant for auto theft in another town.

Hailey said Pinney’s been homeless and may have stolen the car because he needed a place to stay.

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“He has really bad and anger issues but really I think he just wants to go back to prison. He knew what would happen; he might like it better in there then out here,” said Hailey.

"This is the third car he stole. The first car was my grandma’s and the second car was just a friend's car. Honestly he wasn't on drugs because he was homeless. How would he be able to afford drugs?”

Pinney ended up driving to his parent’s house where he was arrested.

He’s been charged with auto theft, possession of a firearm, and eluding police. 

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