Trick and No Treats: Jimmy Kimmel at It Again, Having Parents Tell Kids They Ate Halloween Candy

One girl told her folks: "I hate you! You took all of our candy that we worked so hard to get! We walked for hours!"

For Jimmy Kimmel’s sixth annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy,” his old trick never seems to get old as parents submitted videos to the show breaking the “news” to their children.

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In one submission, a dad tells his daughter they ate all of her candy — and she drops to the floor sobbing and screaming: “No!”

In another video, a boy dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex runs around the foyer of his home upon hearing the news.

One boy in disbelief over his father's claim that he devoured all his candy led the kid to punch the camera.

While most of the children were visibly upset about their sugar-craving parents, others were downright mean, like the girl who shouted at her mother: "I hate you! You took all of our candy that we worked so hard to get! We walked for hours!"

A more reasonable child was calm but threatening, saying: “Next time we go trick or treating, you don’t do that, okay? Or I will have to spank your bottom!”

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Not all of the videos were cruel or featured children crying.

When one dad broke the news to his toddler she didn't appear to be upset with him at all, saying, “how about tomorrow I take my bag and we get some more candy?” She also forgave her parents.

Another girl told her parents: “I am not happy, but I am not mad. I still love you!”

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