Man Claiming to Be Bill Clinton's Son Asks Monica Lewinsky for Former President's DNA

Danney Williams, 30, said he's not doing it for the fame and money, but he wants to "establish the truth, and perhaps earn the love of my father."

An Arkansas man claiming to be Bill Clinton's illegitimate son has appealed to Monica Lewinsky for access to her infamous blue dress to provide a sample of the former president's genetic material for a paternity test.

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Danney Williams, 30, of Hot Springs, has claimed for years that Clinton is his biological father, saying he was born as a result of a sexual relationship between the former president and his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, who used to be a prostitute. She claims to have had sex with Clinton 13 times.

"I deserve to know who I am," he told "I feel in my whole heart he is my father. I am [Hillary Clinton's] stepson, and Chelsea's stepbrother. I'm their only son in the world."

In a letter addressed to Monica Lewinsky and provided to, Williams asks for Clinton's DNA sample that he believes is on her preserved blue dress.

That dress, which Lewinsky turned over to the FBI in 1998, was said to have Clinton's semen stains on it. Williams wrote that he would use it to "establish the truth, and perhaps earn the love of my father."

Star magazine allegedly secured a DNA test in 1999 that said Williams is not the biological son of Clinton. 

Williams says no such testing was ever carried out.

When asked how he might react if a future test came out negative, Williams told, "Impossible. He is my dad. It's not that I'll have an adverse reaction. I know he is."

He also wrote in his letter that he believes Clinton is his biological father, because he allegedly provided monetary support to him as a boy.

Now a father of five himself, Williams told, "I promised my kids they could meet him one day. I would want them to know their grandfather. They have to know he's a part of our lives." 

Williams says he is now prepared to engage in a paternity lawsuit against Bill Clinton and is attempting to raise $100,000 on GoFundMe for legal fees.

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When asked at a Monday press conference whether the open letter and lawsuit are part of an attempt to sabotage Hillary Clinton's campaign for presidency, he responded: "I've been doing my social media for two years and a half before she started running... I've been fighting my whole life."

Williams went on to tell he hopes Hillary Clinton will also pressure her husband to acknowledge him: "They're married. They're going to be the most powerful couple in the world when she becomes president. I know she has the power to have him submit a DNA sample." 

Williams says neither the Clintons nor Monica Lewinsky have reached out to him.

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