Indiana Jane and the Temptation of Doom: Bikini-Clad Explorer Checks Out Tunnels Lined With Skulls

Alison Teal donned her pink bikini as she meandered through the Catacombs of Paris.

A 30-year-old woman has become the first person to surf through Paris’ Catacombs, a terrifying journey among millions of skeletons.

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Alison Teal, a real life Indiana Jane, descended into the forbidden parts of the world’s largest cave which features the remains of more than 6 million people.

At 100 feet below the surface, she found the Catacombs flooded with water. That's when she got on top of her surfboard and paddled through the crypt.

On social media, her adventure is getting mixed reaction. Some have expressed disbelief that she entered the Catacomb.

"Massively disrespectful," was one posting.

"She deserves to be fined for disrespecting the resting place of so many souls,” said another.

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Teal told in Australia: "The caves got narrower and narrower until we were crawling on all fours to get through. It was so suffocating, there was minimal oxygen and you couldn’t see far."

She added: "Skulls lined the walls and it smelled horrid. As soon as someone turned a corner, you had no idea where they went. We got down to one of the lowest levels when all of a sudden water started flooding the tunnels. It was time to surf. The water was freezing — some of the coldest I’ve been in and I was wearing just a bikini."

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