Deceased Father's Ashes Stolen From Police Officer's Home During Burglary

"It was my only connection to my father. If you have a heart, please just bring me my father back," said school resource officer Gina Goullette.

A Florida law enforcement officer is devastated after her father's ashes were stolen from her dresser during a home invasion, just three months after he passed away.

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"That was the one way for me to still have my father with me," said Gina Goullette, a Palm Beach Schools police resource officer. "If you have a heart, please just bring me my father back."

Goullette, 37, told she rushed home the moment her roommate called to tell her their house was broken into.

"She said, 'Gina, the ashes aren't there,'" Goullette said. "I ran straight into the bedroom, and sure enough, they took them. I was devastated. I couldn't believe someone would even take that."

Also strewn on the floor was the certificate with details of her father's cremation, which normally lay on top of a simple black box the ashes were contained in.

In addition to the ashes, burglars also got away with a box of old photographs of her father, a locket with his picture, and a watch Goullette had bought him on their last Christmas together. She said they were also able to grab all the jewelry in the home, a 52-inch television, iPads, and even Goullette's off-duty weapon.

"I don't know if they thought [the box containing the ashes] was something else, or they knew I was a cop," Goullette speculated. "I had my uniform hanging in my closet and my badges out."

Surveillance footage released by police captured two people of interest who were seen by the home around the time the house was broken into on October 26. A silver or grey car was seen pulling out of the driveway, according to the Broward Sheriff's Department.

But, Goullette said that despite her background in law enforcement, her primary goal is not to catch the suspects, but to have the priceless artifacts from her father returned.

"That was my only connection to my father," she said. "My dad's ashes — I can't get those back." 

Her dad, Stephen Arthur Goullette passed away three months ago from a heart attack at 67 years old. 

"I was very close to my father," Goullette said. 

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She said it took her nearly two months to arrange for the ashes to be delivered from the funeral home, and after just a month of having them in her safe keeping, they were stolen. 

"It was horrible to lose my dad," she said. "And [to] have this happen was even worse." 

Anyone with more information on the case are encouraged to contact the Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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