Kris Jenner's Sister Looks Just Like Her After 5-Hour Facelift: See The Results

Karen Houghton said she wanted "to be a little more beautiful."

Kris Jenner’s younger sister looks just like her famous sibling after undergoing a five-hour facelift.

Inside Edition was there throughout Karen Houghton's surgery and witnessed the incredible results.

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Before the surgery, the 55-year-old — who is the aunt of Kim Kardashian and her notorious sisters and brother — explained why she wanted to go under the knife.

“Certain angles of my face were just not what I wanted,” she said. “No one wants a double chin… I want to be a little more beautiful.”

Houghton went to plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei of the Beverly Hills Center for an auralyft, which he said is the most extensive facelift in the world.

“I can bring the entire face and entire neck up together,” he said, indicating how he would be raising her brow line. He also demonstrated how he’d remove fat from beneath her eyes and transfer it to her cheeks.

On the day of the surgery, Houghton was ready.

“I’m feeling really comfortable,” she told Inside Edition. “I’m not really nervous.”

She was given local anesthesia while Dr. Talei carried out his work. She was even able to talk. “You’re a good doctor,” she told him.

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After the hours-long surgery, Houghton’s head was wrapped in a thick bandage to reduce the chances of swelling.

But three weeks later, when the bandages were removed, Houghton looked incredible. Her double chin was gone and her cheekbones were more defined. She was overjoyed with the results.

“I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would,” she said.

When asked if she had wanted to change her look to keep up with the Kardashians, Houghton said she “actually wanted to do it for me.”

“And of course the Kardashians,” she added. “Everyone wants to look beautiful.”

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