The Grandmother Who Fought Back Against Thieves

INSIDE EDITION talks to the grandmother who chased down a pack of jewelry store robbers with her handbag and became an international hero.

Here she is—the handbag hero being hailed around the world as Super Granny.

71-year-old Ann Timson flew from England to the INSIDE EDITION studio in New York to tell her amazing story.

The flame-haired granny became an international phenom when she spotted a gang of thieves breaking into a jewelry store with sledgehammers. It was all caught on camera by a crew that happened to be filming on the corner. She can be seen on the tape making a beeline for the brazen thugs, despite her severe arthritis.

"My legs were strapped up," said Timson.

Norville asked, "You had on special shoes?"

"I strapped them up so I could go dancing," said Timson.

"So you had extra support," said Norville.

"That's right," explained Timson.

The brave grandma used her handbag as her weapon, causing the thieves to scatter like cockroaches. One panicked bad guy fell off his scooter as he tried to get away. On the video, you can't hear the granny's yells.

"I was saying, 'get off!'" describes Timson.

When the video appeared on TV all over the world, Mrs. Timson had one thought, saying, "Oh my god, what will my son say?"

"I knew as soon as I saw the red hair and the red coat, it was my mom," said Timson's son, Andre, who lives in Connecticut with his 5 year-old daughter, Charlie.

Timson says she found the courage to take on the thieves because she first thought they were kids beating up a boy.

"I don't think one kid should be beaten up by three," said Timson.

When she realized what they were really up to, it was a matter of true grit, make that true granny grit.

Timson said, "I believe anger took over, because I'm thinking, how dare they, how dare they!"