Woman, 74, Dies After Being Run Over by Her Own Car in Walmart Parking Lot

Peggy Rose somehow fell out of the driver's seat of her car and was found pinned beneath it in front of a Tennessee Walmart.

An elderly woman was killed in the parking lot of a Tennessee Walmart this week when she somehow became pinned beneath her own car.

It happened Tuesday afternoon in Memphis. Authorities say the woman, later identified as Peggy Rose, was backing up at a high rate of speed when she knocked a pedestrian over and into the undercarriage of another vehicle, WREG reports.

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Rose somehow then fell out of the driver’s seat and was run over by her own Ford Taurus.

The 74-year-old was found pinned beneath the car.

Her car, however, continued moving through the parking lot where it struck another parked car.

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Rose was rushed to an area hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. 

The pedestrian she struck was also rushed to the hospital in critical condition. However, the victim's status was later upgraded to non-critical.

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