Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes to The New York Times

After lashing out at The New York Times for an article on black Oscar® winners, Whoopi Goldberg apologizes to the paper of record. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Whoopi Goldberg is apologizing to The New York Times. Goldberg laid into them earlier this week for leaving her out of an article about black Oscar® winners.

"This is sloppy journalism dammit! Get your facts straight!" Whoopi said on The View Monday.

It turns out The New York Times spelled out in the article that they were only referring to black actors who won Oscars® after 2002. Meanwhile, Goldberg won her Best Supporting Sctress Oscar® for Ghost long before that, in 1991.

Goldberg apologized today on The View and said, "I said that I thought the reporting was shoddy and for that I am going to apologize."