Vintage Commercial Surfaces That Shows Melania Trump as U.S. President

The commercial was released as Bill Clinton was taking office for the first time.

It is the ultimate throwback as a vintage commercial from 1993 has surfaced that depicts Donald Trump’s third wife posing as the president of the United States, years before she met the Republican candidate.

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The commercial was released as Bill Clinton was being inaugurated for the first time in January 1993 and shows the then 23-year-old model posing as the leader of the free world.

The ad was for a clothing company in her native Slovenia and was unearthed by Univison.

In the commercial, she steps off an airplane with Secret Service agents and is greeted by supporters. She then steps into a car that has a police escort.

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Melania, in her pre-Trump days, was known as Melania Knauss and was an aspiring model hoping to make it big in America.

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