What's 'Hop'-ening Here? Kangaroo Jumps Into Family's RV, Returns With His Friends

This family got quite the surprise when a kangaroo hopped into their RV before dinner. Justin Lorrimer recorded the bizarre moment.

An Australian family's morning was off to a hopping start when they woke up to discover a mob of kangaroos lining up in front of their RV in a hilarious encounter caught on tape.

It came a day after one kangaroo had jumped inside Justin and Rebecca Lorrimer's RV for a look around. Clearly liking what he saw, he invited his friends back the following day.

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The Lorrimers decided they needed a family vacation after they realized they weren’t spending enough time together, and packed into an RV for a year to explore the Australian coast with their three children, Jack, Billy and Charli.

“It’s a huge decision and I thought it was a great idea because the kids don’t start school soon,” Justin said. “It’s a lot of money and a lot of time but the kids are enjoying it.”

After one day at the beach, they had a surprise visitor — a kangaroo.

“It hopped right into the van and all you heard were laughs and giggles,” said Justin.

The 33-year-old quickly grabbed his camera and started recording. Surprisingly, the little Lorrimers weren’t afraid of it and even encouraged it to hop around the home.

Despite attempts by Justin to push the animal out of the RV, it resisted. Eventually, they figured a red apple will do the trick, and successfully shooed the kangaroo away.

“They all thought it was hilarious,” Justin said. 

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Although the blogger thought he accomplished his mission to get rid of a kangaroo, the family received more than what they bargained for the very next morning, when the joey returnedwith its friends.

About eight more kangaroos showed up at the RV, hoping to get a few delicious apples of their own.

Baby Charli wasn't afraid of the furry guys and seemed to enjoy their company.

The family is planning on returning home around December but Justin told InsideEdition.com that they are planning on traveling in 2017 again.

The family of explorers has posted about the life-altering experience on their website, "Trip In A Van."

A recent entry in the blog reads: “It’s a fantastic lifestyle and the adventures and experiences we have gained are far more valuable than money ever will be! Exploring our beautiful country has seen a huge change in our children.

"They thrive on the changing environments and we have watched their little personalities become strong, resilient and outgoing.”

If you want to keep up with the Lorrimer family, check out their blog here or follow them on Instagram.

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