Just Friends? Gary Condit's Voicemail to Chandra Levy on Night She Disappeared Hints at Relationship

The former congressman has long claimed he did not have an improper relationship with slain intern.

Newly revealed voicemails from disgraced former congressman Gary Condit for Chandra Levy, the D.C. intern who was found slain in 2001, have raised questions about their relationship.

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"It’s around 6:30. I haven't heard from you,” he said in the message. "Maybe you're out of the country or something. Anyway, give me a call if you get this message. Bye."

For 15 years, Condit has refused to say if he had an affair with Levy.

The voicemails, obtained by ABC’s 20/20, seem to confirm what many have long believed — that Condit and Levy were more than just friends.

"Give me a rundown on kind of what your schedule is. Things are looking pretty good for me today anyway. Bye,” he said in another message.

Condit was cleared as a suspect in her murder. An undocumented immigrant from El Salvador was later found guilty, but that conviction was later overturned.

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20/20's Deborah Roberts told Inside Edition: “The prosecution found they didn't have a witness. They didn't have a case. Out of the blue the case was dropped, and now we are back to wondering what happened to Chandra Levy.”

The 20/20 investigation airs Friday night.

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