Bernie Madoff's Wife Spotted In Florida

INSIDE EDITION tracks down Ruth Madoff who seems be living much of her life just like everyone else, since her husband Bernie's ponzi scheme exploded, sending her husband to prison.

Bernie Madoff, the most notorious swindler in U.S. history, made it clear he was devastated by the recent suicide of his son Mark, and angered by those who criticized him for not attending the funeral.

Madoff told the New York Times that he would not have wanted his presence to turn the ceremony into a "media circus," and that it "would be cruel to my family" to put them through that.

Ruth Madoff is the wife of the one time billionaire now serving 150 years behind bars.

INSIDE EDITION saw Ruth Madoff tooling around in a 15-year-old car, and doing her shopping. Just like any other retired person in the sunshine state.