McDonald's Worker, 90, Calls Fast Food Restaurant His 'Fountain of Youth'

John Jelinek, who just celebrated his 90th birthday, said when he bought the location in 1982, the McDonald's didn't even have a drive-thru.

Meet this 90-year-old man from Missouri, who calls McDonald's his "fountain of youth."

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John Jelinek celebrated his 90th birthday at the golden arches Monday after having owned the same McDonald's in Kansas City for more than 60 years.

"I enjoy being here every day," Jelinek said.

Since he came to own the franchise location in 1982, he said in an interview with KCTV that he had planned to make it the friendliest McDonalds around.

From checking up on his customers, to imparting words of encouragement to his employees, Jelinek goes above and beyond to making his location feel like home.

"If I do all these things I do, that's freedom," Jelinek explained. "Liking what I do is happiness."

A former employee, whose hair has since gone grey, even came back to wish him happy birthday: "I was 15 when we first met."

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For his 90th birthday, Jelinek celebrated with cake he shared with the rest of his staff, although his daily diet at McDonalds includes a salad, apple slices and chocolate milk.

Sometimes, he'll even treat himself to a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

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