Teen Allegedly Beats Grandmother to Death Out of Anger That She Hid His Beer

She died a week later from her injuries.

A Florida teen was arrested after allegedly beating his grandmother to death because she hid his beer, police said.

Dylan Brougham, 18, is charged with the murder of his 69-year-old grandmother Joyce Courson.

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Police responded to the Jacksonville residence on a call of a domestic disturbance in early October and discovered Courson on the floor bleeding from her face, police said.

Police said a witness told them he heard Brougham and his grandmother arguing because she took his beer and hid it while he was in the shower. The witness then said he heard a couple bangs followed up with the Courson screaming for help.

“He (the witness) located the victim on the floor and observed the suspect leaving the residence,” police said.

Courson was transported to the hospital and was able to tell police that during she and her grandson’s argument, he was punching holes near the kitchen wall and as she was walking towards him he pushed her to the ground, police said.

Brougham then allegedly held her down and punched her in the face repeatedly with a closed fist and began kicking her, police said. 

Police located Brougham after the alleged attack and he was charged with aggravated battery,  but Courson died a week later due to her injuries and Brougham’s charges were upped to murder, police said.

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"I am sick for the loss of my mother. I am sick for the loss of my son. I don’t feel he deserves to go to prison. I don’t feel in my heart that he meant to do this to the severity that he did,” Tracey Broughman told Jacksonville.com. “It’s just so hard. I am so emotional. I am lost without Mom. We were everything together.”

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