Megan Alexander's Mama Blog: Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander blogs about her road to having a baby and asks the question every woman ponders…should a pregnant woman wear a bikini?

Hello Everyone!

It is still freezing cold in New York City, so the thought of warm weather, beaches and swimsuits is a distant dream. But as spring approaches, the thought does cross my mind—should pregnant women wear bikinis?

"Bikinis?" you ask. How about just swimsuits in general?

Yes, as my belly grows, I begin to wonder this same question. Will I even want to put on a swimsuit?

We have seen more and more celebrities proudly displaying the baby bump on the red carpet this awards season. From Natalie Portman to Kate Hudson, these women are wearing form-fitting dresses and feeling good!

Remember Heidi Klum strutting down the red carpet last year at about 8 months pregnant? She proudly showed off that belly and worked it in her black gown! Those kind of images give me some serious encouragement to stay fit and fashionable while preggers. So, why not be pregnant and proud at the beach?

Today I bring you a story called "Pregnant Bikini Fashion." INSIDE EDITION producer Nicole Ullerich gathered several expecting models in Los Angeles and they modeled some fabulous fashions.

I am 6 months pregnant now, which means when warm weather hits, I will be about 8 or 9 months! As my belly grows,  I find myself really appreciating how many maternity options are available to women today. And while I am not sure I will be strutting my stuff on the beach anytime soon, it is nice to know there are swimsuits available to me, and other expectant women who will join in.

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Megan Alexander