Woman Claims Cop Injured Her While Trying to Forcibly Remove Her Nipple Ring

A woman arrested in a traffic stop last week says a state trooper inappropriately touched her after making her remove her nipple rings in plain sight.

A Texas State Trooper is being investigated for possible wrongdoing after a woman he arrested last week claimed he touched her inappropriately and even injured her while attempting to remove her nipple ring.

Courtney Palacios, 19, was one of two women in a car reportedly pulled over by Texas DPS Trooper Michael Tice last Monday in Fort Worth.

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Palacios and Tayler Myers, 18, were heading home from a concert when the car they were in was pulled over for speeding near Waco, NBCDFW reports.

During the stop, Tice said in an arrest report that he found an unidentified pill before placing the two women under arrest.

Once taken to an area jail, the women say they were asked by Tice to remove any body jewelry.

"And then we told him, 'Well, where do we go to take out our nipple rings?'" Myers told NBCDFW. "And he was like, 'You are going to have to do it right here, in the open.'"

The women say they turned away from the trooper and were each able to remove one ring but had trouble with the other.

After continuing to fumble unsuccessfully with the rings, the women said Tice went to his car and returned with pliers.

"He came up to me and he got really close to it, and he was just staring," Palacios said. "He's like, 'I think it unscrews from the left side.' So then, without gloves or anything...he gets on there and he tries to twist it and he starts shaking from trying so hard and he ends up pulling it and ripping it and it starts bleeding."

Palacios said she was offered no medical care or even an apology.

The women say a female officer used the pliers to remove the rings as Tice stood nearby.

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In the wake of the arrest, the women — who claim they knew nothing of the pill Tice said he found — have hired a lawyer and say they are exploring the possibility of a lawsuit.

"I feel like it's not right, what he did, at all," said Myers.

Tice has been placed on administrative duty while the incident is investigated.

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