The Longest Yard: Meet the Families Building Backyard Theme Parks

They have turned their backyards into virtual wonderlands.

Meet the Oklahoma family with an elaborate water park in the comfort of their own backyard.

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Kelly Caviness built the park for his family. There's a waterslide that twists and turns and leads straight into the pool.

He told Inside Edition: "You will really never get bored of this pool." 

Caviness builds the pools with safety in mind, making sure everything is placed in the right spot so no one gets hurt jumping in. 

But some of the self-made backyard theme parks not built by professionals seem rickety, and may pose a safety risk. 

In Texas, a man tried out his friend's water slide in July. David Salmon flew right over the rim and suffered a broken arm and fractured ribs.

Brooke Newsome’s stunning Oklahoma home opens to a virtual wonderland.

“Vacation kinda stopped,” she told Inside Edition. “We go in our back yard.”

For Newsome’s son and his friends, it's nonstop adventure.

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The amazing backyard is built over three levels. There is a hot tub and a waterfall around another pool. The setting also had a rope swing to jump right into the water.

As night falls, the backyard comes to life with a million color light combinations. That's where the grownups come out for an evening of relaxation.

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