Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Historic Election Night as the World Waits for Results

America's biggest night is not without an intense amount of preparation.

Prior to Election Day, the news networks are giving a behind-the-scenes look at what's expected to a historic voting tally.

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Inside Edition was given a tour of the ABC News election headquarters in New York's "Crossroads of the World" by White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl.

“We've taken over Times Square so on all the massive screens you'll see what we're doing,” he said. 

Karl also revealed which state he is keeping a close eye on.

"I will be looking at, more than anything, the state of Florida. Florida, Florida, Florida — always central," he said. "Polls going into Election Day show it to be a tie. If Donald Trump cannot win Florida, he doesn’t win period. End of story." 

More than 71 million viewers are expected to watch the live election returns on the TV networks and cable news.

At CNN's election center in Washington, D.C., Inside Edition spoke to anchor Jake Tapper.

"I am not counting on any rest, even if they go to sleep, I probably wouldn’t be able to," he said. 

And when the votes are tallied and a winner is decided, it will be longtime CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer who will make the historic announcement.

"I try to be cool, I try to be calm, but I am really excited," he said. 

The View will be doing a live two-hour special on the Lifetime network.

Joy Behar told Inside Edition: "We have a live audience, we have other guests. It is going to be fun. I want to have fun tomorrow night. It has been really difficult."

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Celebrities will be glued to their TVs on election night. Over the weekend, Inside Edition caught up with Eddie Murphy and other stars at the Hollywood Film Awards.

“I'll just be watching like everybody else,” the Beverly Hills Cop star said.

Nicole Kidman said she will be tuning in from her Nashville home. Robert De Niro told reporters: “If Donald Trump wins, I’m going to be out of the country!”

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