Cops Release Disturbing Video of 'Craigslist Killer' Preparing Room Before Murder of Pregnant Teen

Oestrike murdered the girl and decapitated her boyfriend in 2014.

Michigan police released chilling video of another “Craigslist killer” in the home where he murdered an 18-year-old pregnant woman he met on the website.

In the video, Brady Oestrike, 31, can be seen in front of a dog cage, where he reportedly held the eight-months-pregnant Brooke Slocum before he tortured her for days and ultimately strangled her in 2014.

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The disturbing footage shows Oestrike preparing for the abduction, including straightening up the room, setting up chains, preparing a pulley system with ropes hanging from the ceiling, and even laying out underwear.

He’s also seen holding two guns.

The video was reportedly recovered from four cameras Oestrike had in the Wyoming home.

In July 2014, Oestrike abducted Slocum and beheaded her boyfriend Charles Oppenneer, 25, in Gezon Park after the two agreed to meet up for sex.  

Slocum wrote in her Craigslist post that she needed $50 by 3:30 p.m. that day. She mentioned in the post that she was eight months pregnant.

Police said Oestrike tortured Slocum for days. According to reports, he wrapped a chain around her neck that had been bolted to the bathroom floor and put her inside the cage.

He also reportedly forced her to smoke marijuana and tied her arms to a pulley system attached to the ceiling that he could control.

Police said they have video of Slocum’s horrible fate but they will never release it.

Police received a tip on July 13 that a man in a white mask was looking into vehicles near where Oppenneer was killed. Police later found his abandoned vehicle in the area, according to documents.

After searching the area, they found Oppenneer’s body, without a head.

Police obtained information from Slocum’s roommate that they had met someone off Craigslist and that led them to Oestrike’s Gmail account, reports said.

On July 17 police tried to pull over Oestrike but he led them on a chase, eventually crashing and then fatally shooting himself.

They found Slocum’s body in the trunk of his car. Her baby did not survive.

Slocum's father, Greg Slocum, said he passed the crash site while out looking for his missing daughter and his heart sank, according to WoodTV.

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"As soon as we crossed that Burton Street overpass, my heart fell into my stomach, and I knew my baby was up there," Greg told the station.

Police later found a ‘sex slave contract’ in his home, along with handcuffs, cattle prods, several restraints, syringes, and medical gloves, among other things.

Oestrike’s ex-girlfriend filed two domestic assault complaints before the murders, according to reports.

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