Bomb Squad Says Suspicious Package Is Actually Box of Love Letters, Photos From Tinder Date

"It was an attempt to contact a man she met on Tinder. When he wouldn't contact her, she left the items on the driveway," a Cross Plains cop said.

It was a scary moment in a small town when a suspicious package turned out to be a scorned ex's desperate display of affection.

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A family in rural Tennessee feared the worst on Halloween when a suspicious looking package, labeled "Open ASAP' turned up at the home of a Cross Plains resident.

According to WTVF, a 36-inch cardboard box wrapped like a Christmas present was left in the middle of a home's driveway.

"The flap wasn't even secured down," Robertson County's EMA Director R.L. Douglas told

He said they were wary of the package since it appeared to be a Christmas present, but had been sent too early for the holidays.

The person living at the home immediately dialed 911.

Douglas said it was rare they received such calls in their jurisdiction, but he and a team inserted a video scope into the box to look specifically for powder or a bomb, but instead found love letters and a teddy bear.

"I thought it was somebody just horsing around, and basically, that's what it was," Douglas said.

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Cross Plains police officers later realized the package was meant to be for a young man the sender met on Tinder.

"There were love letters, two love letters, a photograph of a female lying in the river, clothed, and it was an attempt to contact a man she met on Tinder," said Officer Logan Abernathy in an interview with WTVF.

"When he wouldn't contact her, she left the items on the driveway."

According to local authorities, the box's sender was not charged.

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