Outrage Over Brutal Sexual Assault of Lara Logan

There is worldwide outrage over the brutal sexual assault 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan suffered at the hands of a frenzied mob in Cairo. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There is worldwide outrage today over the brutal sexual assault of 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan by a frenzied mob in Cairo.

Logan's colleagues at CBS and rival networks are expressing their shock and sympathy.

The nightmare began amid the chaotic scene as Egyptians celebrated the fall of Hosni Mubarak on February 11th. Somewhere in the enormous crowd, Logan was separated from her crew and bodyguard and surrounded by some 200 men.

A CBS statement described what happened next as "a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating."

Just a week before the horrific assault, Logan and her camera crew were detained by Egyptian soldiers, blindfolded, and interrogated. Out of concern for her safety, she returned to the United States but was eager to return to Egypt, despite knowing she had become a target.

"There was no question after what we were subjected to that we were not safe and that we were now targeted," Logan said during an interview with Charlie Rose. But she also said she felt she had to return to Egypt despite the danger: "Fundamentally it's in my blood to do the best reporting that I can."

She told a CBS webcast she worries about what would happen to her family if is she is killed.

"I have to think about my children growing up without their mom," she said.