Baby Takes After 3 Generations of Women to Be Born With Streak of White Hair

The characteristic stems from her great-grandmother, who was the first to be born with poliosis, a lack of pigmentation in a patch of skin or hair.

Meet baby MilliAnna, the fourth generation of women in her family to be born with a wild streak of white hair.

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The 18-month-old, from Ridgeland, South Carolina, was born with a unique birthmark that leaves a patch of her dark hair bleached white — just like the previous three generations of women that came before her.

"We don't have no boys in our family," MilliAnna's mom Brianna Worth joked to 

The trait was passed down from her great-grandmother Jaonne, 59, to her grandmother Jennifer, 41, to her mother Brianna, 23. Now, MilliAnna is the latest to be born with the extraordinary hair.

According to Caters News, each of the women was born with poliosis, a condition that causes a lack of pigmentation in a patch of skin or hair.

"My whole life growing up, I took it as a birthmark," Worth laughed. 

While they are unsure just how far back the trait can be traced, since great-grandmother Jaonne was adopted, Worth said she was thrilled when she realized she was able to pass it onto her own daughter.

However, growing up, Worth said she wasn't as quick to embrace her distinct features.

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"In elementary school, kids are a little harsher," she said, "but when you grow up, it becomes cool."

She told she hopes her daughter will embrace the characteristic as well.

"I'm going to tell her, 'you're unique, you're pretty, you're beautiful,'" Worth told 

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