The Ultimate Absentee Ballot: Astronaut Casts His Vote for President From Space

It's an absentee ballot that is truly out of this world.

As the world waits for the results of the historic presidential election, an astronaut has gone above and beyond the final frontier as he cast his vote via absentee ballot — from space.

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NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough filed his absentee ballot from the International Space Station Monday afternoon. Kimbrough is the sole American aboard the ISS after arriving in mid-October to join two Russian cosmonauts.

Before he was launched into space, he told reporters he was “apolitical” and “I'll be glad to welcome the new president, whoever that is."

According to NASA, mission control in Houston, Texas, sent Kimbrough a “secure electronic ballot” from the County Clerk which allows him to vote and beam it right back to Earth.

Kimbrough will be in space until February, and by the time he comes back, the new commander-in-chief will already be in the Oval Office.

In 1997, a law was passed that allowed astronauts to vote via absentee ballot. That same year, David Wolf became the first astronaut to vote from space.

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Astronaut Kate Rubins cast her vote the same way last month before she returned to Earth on October 30.

These space travelers prove there is little excuse to skip out on the polls this Election Day.

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