Campaign Stop: Bon Jovi Joins Clinton Camp for Mannequin Challenge

The viral craze has even hit the campaign trail.

Even during the bustle of Election Day, Hillary Clinton and her campaign could not resist the mannequin challenge on her plane.

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Clinton, along with her husband Bill, aide Huma Abedin, Jon Bon Jovi and members of the campaign staff did the viral challenge.

The challenge came as the candidates made one final push to appeal to voters Monday night ahead of Election Day.

As the campaigns wind down, the late night comics had their final say before the election.

Jon Stewart returned to late night TV again, surprising his friend, Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

During a live episode of the CBS show, a skit involved a young girl who was afraid of voting and was torn between the candidates.

Both the host and former Daily Show titan did not hide their feelings as to who they were picking, performing a back-and-forth routine.

"[Trump]'s endorsed by David Duke," Stewart said. "His tiny hands might get a nuke."

“He's worse, he's worse, he's much worse,” Colbert added.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host compared Trump to a James Bond villain and mocked the GOP candidate for getting his Twitter account taken away.

“He muses about vengeance,” Meyers joked. “He’s like a Bond villain except instead of stroking a cat, he probably uses his own hair.”

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The host added: “They had to take away his Twitter account — an embarrassing revelation that gave President Obama the perfect opening to do what has clearly become one of his favorite hobbies this campaign season: burning Donald Trump.”

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