Is the Election Stressing You Out? Voters Plagued by Psychological and Physical Health Issues

If Election Day is giving you anxiety, you're not alone.

The heated 2016 election has sparked outrage and often violence that has often leading to stress-related ailments seldom seen in an election cycle.

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Dr. Wendy Walsh told Inside Edition: “It’s not just psychological, its physical symptoms like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping.”

Many voters have probably felt some form of stress due to the election, but there are steps that can help Americans calm down.

The Weather Channel is airing scenes of serenity for nine straight hours on Election Day to calm nerves.

In Los Angeles, anxious voters are turning to meditation to calm election jitters.

Instructor Angie Vroom at DEN Meditation says she's seen a surge in voters seeking relief. She told Inside Edition: "People tend to go a little apocalyptic at election time."

Dr. Walsh says laughing is also a great remedy.

“Humor lets us step back and have a different perspective on things," she said. "Watching comedians make fun of this helps us be a spectator instead of being a victim of the system.”

At home, it's always best to leave partisan politics at the door.

“When we are with our families focus on staying connecting with our families and those we love instead of getting into arguments,” Dr. Wash added.

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Beginning Wednesday, Dr. Walsh warns of post-election stress once the votes have been tallied and a winner has been announced.

“For half the country this is not going to end on Tuesday because half the country will have feelings of loss,” she said.

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