Even Psychic Zoo Animals Can't Come to a Consensus on Who Will Win Presidential Election

Felix the polar bear and Geda the monkey predicted a Trump presidency, but Yunona the Siberian tiger and Boots the goat were confident Clinton would win.

As the votes are counted across America in one of the most divisive elections in history, even the psychic animals overseas can't agree on who will come out on top.

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Felix, a polar bear living at the Swarms Creek Zoo in central Russia, contemplated carefully the two candidates, whose names were carved onto two pumpkins filled with meat.

He sniffed carefully before "he empathetically voted for Trump," the zoo said in a statement.

However, Yunona, a Siberian tiger also living at the zoo, proved quickly that she's "with her" when she knocked over the Hillary Clinton pumpkin after a quick "consult with her 'husband,'" a Siberian tiger named Bartek, a zoo rep said.

Even though these zoo animals' prediction was just about as close as the polls were in the real race, other animals around the world revealed who they thought would win, too.

Geda, a monkey dubbed the "King of Prophets" living in the Shiyan Ecological Park in Southern China, was presented with two life-sized cut-outs of the two Presidential candidates. Beside each were a bunch of bananas. According to the zoo, Geda correctly predicted Portugal's win in the UEFA European Championship in 2016.

Without hesitation, the primate predicted a Trump presidency, and sealed his decision with a kiss on the Republican candidate's cardboard lips.

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Boots, a Scottish goat who was dubbed a psychic after having predicted the Brexit decision, approached a podium with two signs, Trump and Clinton, and sniffed around before stoically munching on Clinton's sign, and tossing Trump's to the ground.

According to his trainer of three years, Sue Zacharias, "he has been correct in the past, so I definitely think his prediction may be popular in America."

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