Trump's Mystery Woman: Teen Pictured Alongside GOP Candidate in 1964 Finally Revealed

For more than 50 years, the woman's identity remained a mystery.

For 50 years, one woman has been shrouded in mystery after she posed next to Donald Trump for a high school yearbook photo that declares him "ladies man."

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Fran Dunn, now a grandmother who resides in Windsor, New York, was pictured with Trump when he was a student at the all-boys New York Military Academy in 1964.

Dunn, who worked as a secretary in the school, was asked to appear in the photo because they needed a woman to crown the future GOP presidential candidate a “ladies man.”

For five decades, Dunn's identity remained a mystery, until she was found by the New York Daily News.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Dunn said she never dated Trump.

“They asked me if I would mind taking a picture," Dunn said. "I said okay. I didn’t see any harm in it. They didn't tell me who it was with.”

Dunn, whose last name was D'Agati at the time, said she and Trump didn’t say more than hello to one another that day. The following year, she married Mike Dunn, a history teacher at the school. They raised four kids together and have seven grandkids.

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She met Trump again at a high school reunion in the 90s.

“I told him I was the girl in the picture and he said you were beautiful then and you are more beautiful now,” she gushed.

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