Pit Bull Snuggles Up to Baby Boy in Adorable Home Video

A family in Atlanta, Georgia, is looking to debunk negative pit bull stereotypes by posting adorable home videos on social media.

On first glance, you might be intimidated by Belle the dog — but this heartwarming video shows why you have absolutely nothing to fear.

The video, shared by Belle's owner Jarad Derochey, shows her cuddling with his 1-year-old son, Cruz.

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Derochey is an XL American bully breeder in Atlanta, Georgia, and founder of the organization MVP Bullies. He often posts Instagram videos of his children and his pups enjoying each other’s company.

From cuddling on the couches, to playing with toy trucks, the canines are clearly lovable pets to the whole family.

“My dogs are sweet, intelligent. It’s like I live in a day care because they play with my kids so much,” Derochey said.

The dad of two says he has seen "nasty" comments like, “your pit bulls are going to eat your kids” or “it is unsanitary to have your kids around those dogs.”

It's that mentality that has seen the banning of pit bulls from places including Miami and Montreal, but Derouchey said his dogs are friendly giants.

“An authority of temperament testing in dogs proved that pit bulls were ranked at 86 percent of passing temperament, while the average dog ranks 77 percent,” Derochey told InsideEdition.com. “That means pit bulls are the second highest temperament of all breeds.”

Derochey's partner, Michelle Pace, is the founder of MVP Bullies, a family-owned and operated kennel with franchises worldwide dedicated to the care of pit bulls. The organization's Facebook page is full of affection for the breed.

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MVP Bullies also pampers their mastiff pit bull and American bulldog mixes with massages and cuddles. In addition, they are free to roam around a 100-acre ranch.

For more information about MVP Bullies, check out their website at mvpkennels.com.

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