Gender Reveal Party Goes Hilariously Wrong as Box Contains Medley of Rainbow Balloons

This Minnesota couple must be the only soon-to-be-parents who were disappointed by the results of their gender reveal.

This Minnesota couple must have been the only soon-to-be-parents anguished by the results of their gender reveal, thanks to a devastating — yet hilarious — balloon store mix-up.

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Joe and Leela Krummel invited 30 of their closest friends and family members to their Minneapolis home to discover together the gender of their baby.

"We wanted it to be a surprise for everybody, and that's where the problem originated," Joe joked, in an interview with "In retrospect, we should have given the information to a friend."

Instead, he and his wife decided hand over the card containing the information their doctor gave them directly to the store, entrusting a confused employee to handle their surprise announcement.

"We both had a bad feeling about it," Joe said. "We felt like, 'Alright, let's just cross our fingers,'"

Sure enough, the Krummels discovered the store's mistake at the worst possible moment.

As the Krummels opened the box in front of an audience filled with anticipation, hoping to discover either pink or blue balloons to reveal the gender of their baby, they instead found a medley of rainbow balloons emerge from the cardboard box.

His wife, Leela, was clearly devastated judging by her reaction.

"We were both really upset about it," Joe said. "We went from being really upset and sad, to furious."

In the video licensed by Caters News, the pair can be seen checking the bottom of the cardboard box, hoping the shop left the card containing the gender of the baby at the bottom.

Sure enough, the information was hidden under the flap of the box.

When they found it, and discovered in an anti-climactic manner they would be expecting a boy, a few close friends grabbed spare party decorations and re-made the gender reveal display.

Fifteen minutes later, the Krummels were all set up with a corrected box that opened up to reveal a slew of baby blue balloons.

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"It was nice to have all those close friends and family with us to guide us along and help us through it," Joe explained to "It's definitely something people will never forget.

But, he joked, "We were both thinking it would be a girl."

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