Lara Logan Recieves Call from President Obama

CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan received a call from President Obama, expressing his concern, as she recovers from a brutal sexual assault and beating in Cairo. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A concerned President Obama telephoned CBS correspondent Lara Logan, who was sexually assaulted by a mob in Cairo.

Katie Couric broke the news of the President's message of support, saying on CBS Evening News, "She received a call from President Obama who expressed his concern."

The President's call came as the U.S. increased pressure on Egyptian authorities to find the men who attacked the 39-year-old correspondent.

And ABC's Ashleigh Banfield is revealing she too was the victim of a mob attack while reporting from Pakisatan.

"I experienced an extraordinary personal grope that can't be described on these pages," she writes in today's New York Post.

She says sex attacks are a shameful secret job hazard for female correspondents reporting from foreign troublespots.

And another U.S. reporter, ABC's Miguel Marquez, has been attacked by a mob, this time in Bahrain.

And a teacher from New York University has resigned after mocking the assault on Lara Logan in a series of tweets. American born Nir Rosen apologized on CNN, saying, "I don't have an explanation. I was a jerk."