107-Year-Old Woman Who Once Danced With Obama Proudly Casts Her Vote

Voters deluged polling precincts Tuesday in what may be record-setting numbers.

No matter which candidate they were smitten with, voters who headed to the polls on Tuesday were united in one thing:

They really, really wanted to vote.

Perhaps most poignant were the elderly female voters - women born long before women were given the right to vote.

Virginia McLaurin, the 107-year-old woman who just a few months ago danced at the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama, was her usual spry self as she voted Tuesday.

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She also starred in a YouTube video admonishing citizens to get out and vote.

“I’m Virginia McLaurin and I’m 107 years old. Who knew I would live to get this old?” she said with a smile. “But I really want to talk to the boys and the girls. Everybody should go to the polls and vote! If you don’t go vote, you’re not going to be counted.”

“Please, go vote,” McLaurin added. “Go vote. If you don’t do anything else. If you have to crawl to go to the poll, then vote.


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For the historical experience of seeing a woman’s name on a major party’s ballot, mothers and daughters and granddaughters went to cast a ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Staunch supporters of Republican Donald Trump went to bring about change, get rid of the status to ‘Make America Great Again,’ whatever that may mean.

Lines stretched for blocks in big cities like New York and Chicago. Pens ran out. Machines malfunctioned. “I Voted” stickers were all taken.

“It’s a pretty awesome thing to see so many people out to make their votes count,” Philadelphia voter Jennifer Sludden told WCAU-TV.

Sarah Dean posted an Instagram photo of her weeping mother. “Mom, why are you crying?” she asks.

Sixty-year-old Vickie Wilkinson laughed through her tears and replied, “I got to vote for a woman for president!”

Parents across the country posted selfies of themselves with their children, waiting in line at precincts while explaining the importance of voting.

Celebrities chimed in on Instagram with stars such as Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry posting photos advocating citizens to head to the polls.

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And then there were the dogs – dogs tied to fences while owners went to vote, dogs sporting “I Voted” stickers, and in North Carolina, the SPCA of Wake County brought rescue dogs to “de-stress” folks waiting in slow-moving lines.

puppies at the polls! We're uniting the country 1 dog at a time! Juniper & Cedar are reducing stress while voters wait in #Raleigh #ncvotes pic.twitter.com/yvwWdeBIw9

November 8, 2016

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