Pregnant Zookeeper Compares Growing Baby Bump to Different Exotic Animals at Her Zoo

"Being able to hold something I work with everyday and know this is how much she weighs right now... that's crazy," said Jen Dew, who is 33 weeks pregnant.

What does a banana-sized baby look like anyway?

Instead of comparing her growing fetus to fruits, this pregnant zookeeper decided to track her maternity by photographing her baby bump behind the different wild animals she cares for.

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"I have a natural connection with wildlife, especially working at the zoo," said Jen Dew, an animal program specialist with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. "Being able to hold something I work with every day and know this is how much she weighs right now... that's crazy!"

She told throughout her pregnancy, she tried to track the size of her baby using information she was given by doctors, but found many comparisons to fruit.

"I don't really even like fruit that much," Dew joked. "I was confused by a lot of the fruit. I had to look up what they were in the start. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around the thought of her looking like a banana."

Dew, 29, instead started looking up the exact weight and size of her fetus, and found herself naturally comparing the measurements to animals she encountered every day.

"Right now, she's about the same size as a striped skunk in our collection, how cool is that?" Dew said, at 33 weeks pregnant.

She said each animal she features on her Instagram account comes after careful deliberation, including Po the galago, also known as a bushbaby, whom she was sent to pick up from a Florida zoo with her husband during their second anniversary.

"[My husband] was telling everybody in the airport where they're from," she remembered fondly.

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Dew said her day-to-day at the zoo involves teaching people about different animals, and letting visitors touch and observe animals up close.

"When they have that experience, they feel more connected with that animal," she said.

The first-time mother said she's now looking forward to sharing her love of animals with her daughter, who is due at the end of December.

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