Saint Bernard Can't Stop Stealing Her Owner's Underwear: 'Whatever Poppy Wants, She Takes'

"Nothing has worked so I've just resigned myself to only ever buying the cheapest bras and underwear," said Barbara Allison, the Saint Bernard's owner.

Poppy, a cheeky Saint Bernard from England, can't seem to get enough of her owner's undergarments.

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"Bras, socks, knickers — whatever Poppy wants, she takes — and runs off with it into the garden to chew it up," 56-year-old Barbara Allison told Caters News.

Allison said her klepto-canine is most likely to strike at the least convenient time.

From the washing machine or off the bed, she said Poppy often grabs her designer undergarments and takes off.

"Everything gets taken out to the garden where she tries to hoard it," Allison said. "We’ve tried all the different methods but nothing has worked so I’ve just resigned myself to only ever buying the cheapest bras and underwear."

While she admits dog trainers have advised her not to chase after the 2-year-old pup, she contends the dog is "still young."

"She needs to get it out of her system," Allison said. "[Plus], it’s hard to ignore her."

But, she said her Saint Bernard's booty encompasses more than just her knickers. Every morning is a race to beat Poppy to the mailbox, so she doesn't find her letters ripped up and covered in slobber.

The pup also enjoys running off with shoes and cushions, and even nabs magazines out of Allison's hands as she's reading them.

Once, Allison even recalled taking her Saint Bernard for a walk, and finding a toddler's pristine white shoe tucked inside Poppy's mouth, and hidden under her floppy cheek.

"Normally I keep a very close eye on her," Allison laughed, "but if you turn your back for one minute she’ll nick something and bring it home."

Poppy joined their family as a Christmas present two years ago from her husband, Andy Allison, 49.

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When Allison begins her day by running after Poppy and her stolen goods, her husband has taken to filming the event, and posting them on social media.

"As much as I know she will grow out of it, I actually sometimes wish she would stay like this forever because she’s just nuts and she gives us such a laugh," Allison said. "She keeps me young."

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