Toon'd In to Politics: 'The Simpsons' Predicted a Trump Presidency Back in 2000

In the episode, Lisa Simpson takes over the White House from the now-president-elect.

The Simpsons eerily predicted Donald Trump would be president 16 years ago.

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The episode that aired in 2000 shows a grown up Lisa Simpson taking over Oval Office in the aftermath of a Trump presidency.

The episode, titled, "Bart to the Future," plays off many of the themes from Back to the Future Part II where the villain, Biff, allegedly inspired by Trump, becomes the leader of the free world and causes economic problems.

Simpsons writer Dan Greaney told the Hollywood Reporter in March that the episode was intended as "a warning to America."

He added: "That just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane,” he said.

The Simpsons also featured Trump numerous times after he announced his presidential run in June 2015. The show mocked his escalator entrance in Trump Tower on the day he said he was running for president by having Homer Simpson behind him and eventually getting lost in his hair. 

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Also in 2000, rock band Rage Against the Machine released a music video for their song “Sleep Now in the Fire.” In the Michael Moore-directed video, which was shot on Wall Street, a man is seen walking around with “Donald J. Trump for President” sign a minute into the song.

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