Mistress Claims Tiger Woods Got Her Pregnant

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to Tiger Woods's alleged mistress Joslyn James, who says she became pregnant twice while seeing the golf legend.

It's a shocking statement from Tiger Woods's mistress Joslyn James. In this INSIDE EDITION world exclusive, Jocelyn reveals details of a three year affair with Tiger Woods that she says resulted in two pregnancies that even Tiger never knew about, until now.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "You say that Tiger Woods got you pregnant twice?"

"Yes," said James.

And even more disturbing, Joslyn claims both times she was pregnant with Tiger's child, so was Tiger's wife Elin! The first one was when she was pregnant with Sam and the second one she was pregnant with Charlie. Sam was born in 2007 and Charlie in 2009.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "How did you tell him?"

"I didn't tell him," said James.

"Why?" Moret asked.

"Actually, the day I was going to tell him I had a miscarriage," said James.

Moret asked, "And he never knew?"

"No," replied James.

After her miscarriage, James says she got pregnant again, but she ended it with an abortion. And again, she never told Tiger.

Moret asked, "Why? What were you afraid of?"

"Elin was pregnant with Charlie at that time. I just didn't want to ruin anything," James said as she began to cry.

Joslyn, a former adult film star, says she first met the golf great at a Vegas nightclub in 2006. She was working as a go-go girl and Tiger was a regular. At first she didn't like him.

Jim Moret asked why and James replied,  "Because I just thought he was really stuck up and full of himself and just kind of rude."

But she says she fell for his charms and spent a passion-filled intimate first night at his penthouse suite at the MGM Grand hotel.

"Do you believe Tiger Woods is a sex addict?" Moret asked.

"I'm not really sure but clearly there is something, there's something going on," said James.

Joslyn says she and Tiger got together at least once a month. She says he would text her and often tell her to meet him at a tournament. But she says Tiger had issues with her appearing in adult films and worried she would date another famous athlete.

"Would you argue a lot?" Moret asked.

"Just about when I did films," replied James.

"So his jealousy was about your adult film business and other sports figures," said Moret.

"Yes," replied James.

She says after Tiger's Thanksgiving day accident which ignited the scandal, he abruptly ended all contact with her. No more phone calls, no more texts.

"Do you believe that Tiger Woods really loved you?"

"I know he had to have feelings about me. Right now I don't know if he cares about anybody or loves anybody but himself," said James.