Firefighters Rescue Kitty Named Thomas Jefferson From Drainpipe on Election Day

"Thankfully, Thomas Jefferson is apparently doing well now," a spokesperson for the Nashville Fire Department said.

A frightened feline named after founding father Thomas Jefferson was rescued from a drainpipe by Tennessee firefighters, just in time for Election Day.

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The Nashville Fire Department was alerted to the scene after a neighbor reported a cat he had heard meowing in the area early in the morning, and then again in the afternoon.

"He realized he probably shouldn't be hearing the cat in the same area, and it wasn't sounding good," said spokesperson Brian Haas, with the Nashville Fire Department.

To keep the public in the loop about the cat, the fire department posted developments to their Twitter using the hashtag, #drainpipekitty.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they quickly discovered the poor feline had found itself at the bottom of a third floor gutter that evacuated into an underground drainpipe.

To free the cat, firefighters dug up the drainpipe, and searched until they found the cat at the end of the drainpipe.

"He was miserable, and tired and wet," said Haas, who was one of the men on scene. "He looked like he had a rough morning."


— Nashville Fire Dept (@NashvilleFD) November 8, 2016

Almost immediately after the cat was freed, its owner showed up on the scene.

"He ignored all of us, grabbed the cat, and just goes, 'What were you thinking?'" Haas laughed. "[The cat]'s owner brought him inside, warmed him up, dried him off, and he perked up relatively quickly."

Happy #DRAINPIPEKITTY reunion.

— Nashville Fire Dept (@NashvilleFD) November 8, 2016

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That's when the fire department was told the cat they rescued on Election Day was named Thomas Jefferson.

Cat’s name: Thomas Jefferson. Not joking. Owner is J. Kline, president of Watkins College. First words to his cat: “What were you thinking?”

— Nashville Fire Dept (@NashvilleFD) November 8, 2016

"It was a nice distraction," Haas joked.

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