3-Month-Old Baby with Humongous Head of Hair Causes a Stir Wherever She Goes

Baby Areea John has a big head of hair that stands straight up.

For Alisha John, going out in public with her 3-month-old daughter is never simple.

People stare. They stop her in the supermarket. They stop her in the Dollar Store.

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“Is it real?” they want to know. “Can I see?”

They’re entranced by baby Areea’s hair, which is about three inches long and stands straight up, not unlike the hair on a troll doll.

“She came out with a headful of hair,” her mother told InsideEdition.com Thursday. John has three other children, ages 7, 4 and 3. “They all had a ton of hair. But she has the most,” John said, laughing.

The Louisiana mom has given up try to style all that hair. “It just stands straight up on its own. No matter what, it’s straight up.”

A video posted by John showing her baby’s incredible coiffure has gone viral. She had tried to copy another viral video of a mom blow-drying her infant’s massive head of hair, but Areea was not enamored of the noisy dryer.

“She wasn’t having any of it,” her mom said.

British baby Junior Cox-Noon had his own big-hair moment when his mom posted this video. 

Soon, all that hair will be gone. Areea’s Native American father is a member of the Coushatta tribe, and in keeping with a traditional blessing ceremony, her head will be shaved after she turns 4 months old.

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But for now, John is enjoying her baby’s locks. And the attention they bring.

When she goes shopping, she says, "I’ll have someone behind me who says, ‘Can I see? Can I see?’ No matter where I go. Then they’ll ask if it’s a wig."

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