That Van-Do Attitude: Meet The Couple Choosing to Live in Vehicle Over a Traditional Home

These people are saving on living expenses in vans that have been customized down to the last detail.

An Idaho couple is part of a new trend that sees millennials increasingly spurning traditional homes to live in a decked-out van.

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Chelsea and Ryan Stevenson, of Boise, live in a 60-square-foot van that has running water, recessed lighting, and central heating.

They both told Inside Edition that their families think their living situation is "crazy."

By living in the vehicle, they have slashed their living expenses to the bone, paying a monthly van payment of less than $500.

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Overnight parking is free because they go to a new campground each day and $60 a month for gym memberships allows them to shower.

They say they like the flexibility of living rent free. In total, their expenses are under $600 a month. 

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