Rescue Dog That Was Found Hungry and Homeless is Now Treated to Lavish Meals

Bone appetit!

Bone appétit!

Popeye the Foodie Dog, who was once homeless and hungry, has now got tails wagging with his Instagram account, which has a whopping 185,000 followers.

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The pup poses with foods such as glazed donuts, stacked burgers, tacos and lattes.

But while it appears Popeye is living the life, the canine wasn't always so fortunate.

Ivy Diep, Popeye’s owner, was walking out of her Los Angeles home one morning when she saw a lonely dog crossing a major street. She was surprised when it approached her.

“He had really long hair and didn't smell the best.  However, he was so sweet and let me pick him up,” Diep told

Diep called the local humane society but they said the animal was found outside their jurisdiction. Realizing there was no one to take him in, she made the decision to take Popeye to her home — and she's been in love with him ever since.

It took some time, but now Popeye has gotten the hang of domestic life.

“When I first found him, he was the quietest pup, not a peep. But he's now very barky, especially to other pups. Any loud noise also sets off the barking," Diep told Inside "He also didn't know how to play with dog toys, which I found so sad. But he does now."

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Enjoying her four-legged friend, Diep would take Popeye out on dinner dates and was obsessed with taking pictures of two important things in her life: food and her dog.

Once she realized how good the pooch behaved around food, she started to include him in her food photos — and that’s when she decided Popeye deserved his own Instagram account.

"We ate out a lot and would take pics of our food. When Popeye joined the family, he always wanted to tag along with us," Diep told 

Although his meals look delicious, many of his followers were concerned about Popeye's diet. Diep has put those fears to rest, telling she feeds him bits of anything that is safe for him. She also carries a bag full of his dog treats, chicken strips and "True Chews."

"We think his favorite human food is McDonald's chicken nuggets," she said. "He's mostly behaved around food, except he once swiped chicken nuggets from atop a coffee table."

To check out Popeye’s Instagram account, click here.

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