2 Bald Eagles Fighting Over Territory Get Stuck in Storm Drain, Cause Rush-Hour Traffic Jam

The majestic birds were likely fighting midair and plummeted to the ground, an expert said.

Two majestic bald eagles got stuck in a Florida storm drain Thursday, bringing rush-hour traffic to a standstill as cops and wildlife experts worked to free them.

One of the federally protected birds was able to break free about an hour after becoming ensnared, and it flew off as crowds gathered to watch the rescue on an Orlando street.

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It took another hour to free the second eagle, a female, and authorities wrapped the bird in a quilt and took it to be evaluated.

The bald eagles were battling over territory when they became stuck together, Dianna Flynt of the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey told WKMG-TV.

“What we have is a fight going on, and they fight unbelievably... but hopefully not to the death,” she said. It is nesting season for the birds, she added.

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Once the female is judged be in good physical condition, she will be set free.

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