Girl, 14, Teaches Her Horse to Bow for Veterans: 'She Wanted to Show Her Utmost Respect'

Landyn Mount honored one of America's veterans by teaching an old horse a new trick.

A thoughtful teenager has taught her old horse a new trick, making Veterans Day all the more special for one retired armed forces member.  

Landyn Mount, 14, of Clinton, Missouri, hatched the idea for an incredible tribute over the summer, and has spent months practicing with her horse, Buffy.

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Landyn's mom, Autumn Winkler, shared a video of the teen's American Saddlebred horse bowing down to a vet with an American flag draped over her back.

Landyn put Buffy's new trick and skills to the test when they surprised a local veteran, Mr. Jacobs, who serves in the honor guard, a ceremonial military unit.

Landyn snuck inside Mr. Jacob’s brother-in-law’s barn, groomed Buffy, and made sure she was ready to perform.

“Naturally I went out and filmed it; it was the first and only time she has bowed to a veteran,” said Winkler.

Since sharing the video to Facebook and with a local news station, the response has been amazing, she said. 

“We never imagined the response we would get," she said. "She simply wanted to show her utmost respect to veterans and their families for their sacrifices they have made to allow her to have the life she has today."

Winkler said Landyn’s actions have made her a very proud mom.

“It’s a moment for me, when I look at her and think, 'wow I did something right,'” Winkler said. “She always thinks of others and I'm the proudest of her giving heart and attitude about life in general.”

According to Winkler, Landyn's appreciation of Veterans Day began at age 8 when her great-grandfather — a soldier who served in World War II — attended her school’s veterans program.

“He brought her a single rose and a card thanking her for inviting him,” Winkler told “After the program, he told her stories and that single moment spurred in her a true love for veterans.”

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Two years ago, Landyn met Buffy, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

"The horse fell in love with her on their first meeting," Winkler said. "Buffy chose Landyn, I guess you could say."

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