Plus-Size Yoga Instructor Promoting Body Positivity, Acceptance: 'Big Bodies Can Do Great Things'

Yoga instructor Valerie Sagun is inspiring others to love their bodies, no matter the size.

Valerie Sagun is showing the world that any body can do amazing things, regardless of its size.

Sagun, known as Big Gal Yoga on social media, is a plus-sized yoga guru who uses her practice to encourage body positivity and acceptance.

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Her passion for yoga began five years ago when she was just a student at San Jose State University in California. Last January, she became a certified instructor.

According to Sagun, her practice is about remaining calm both mentally and physically through yoga.

"For myself, I use yoga as a way to calm my crazy mind,” Sagun told “I struggle with anxiety and depression, so it calms me and makes me look at things in a positive way.”

Not only does Sagun want to inspire others but she also wants others to believe that those with larger body types can do great things.

“Unfortunately, yoga is not perceived as a practice for all bodies,” said Sagun. “There is a stigma; people judge others for the simple fact that they may not be as small or as thin.”

Sagun, who is featured in a video by Hooplaha, said the responses she has received both online and in person have all been positive.

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The inspiring instructor has more than 100,000 Instagram followers and 10,000 likes on her Facebook page.

“People have seen me use yoga as a way to find a peace of mind, and people want that for themselves,” said Sagun.

Sagun said she doesn’t want anyone to feel scared or intimated when learning yoga from someone whose appearance doesn’t mirror their own.

She is currently working on a new how-to book with her signature title Big Gal Yoga, teaching others about the importance of the exercises and different positions that are comfortable for all body types.  

“People with big bodies can do great things and don’t get enough credit,” Sagun said. “They have so much power.”

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